Black Silk Pillowcases

£90.00 £75.00

Made from the most luxurious and highest grade silk, not only is it great for the maintenance of your hair but also great for your skin.

Shiny, smooth and soft, the Rheon Luxe Black Silk Pillowcase will not tug against your face but rather glide saying goodbye to those pesky stiff creases that leave an imprint on your face.

Why Silk you ask?

Unlike cotton, silk will not soak up oils or creams so it will keep the moisture on your face and hair - which for Afro Caribbean hair especially can be quite detrimental leaving hair dry and brittle and subject to breakage.

Product Details:

  • 100% Silk (6A)
  • 22 MM
  • Size 48*74
  • Zipper Style
  • Sold as a pair